Samaras adviser’s epic homophobic rant

Antonis Samaras (left) with Failos Kranidiotis

Antonis Samaras (left) with Failos Kranidiotis (right)

What follows is a translation of an article in Greek written by lawyer Failos Kranidiotis, a long time close adviser to Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras that was published on June 9 to coincide with the Athens Gay Pride parade. To my knowledge, no one from the Samaras administration has made any statements in objection.

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Brothers, we have serious problems to discuss. Let’s leave aside the nonsense about unemployment, lack of growth or households overburdened with debt. We have major unresolved national issues.

Who will wear the wedding gown? Mitsos or Babis? Children need to be adopted, and if so who will be the mom? Consistently or in turns? And after they marry and they become “motherfathers”, why not fix other injustices? For example in middle and high school why not give an exemption for gym class on “difficult days” for sensitive boys? Who will we determine their “difficult days”? Well, our leftist intellectual heavyweights will think of something.

Let’s speak seriously.

I never refused to give my vote, my friendship or my respect to someone because they were gay or a woman. In social interactions and public affairs I judge people by their patriotism, their directness, their talents, their bravery, and their integrity. Not by their sexual orientation, or by their sex. I’ve supported women who more balls than men. I’ve respected and admired gays that have talent and patriotism and I’ve rejected chickenhawk straight people that turned out to be politically vacuous or incompetent charlatans.

In my environment, as in all or yours, there is a percentage of people who are homosexuals. How much? Maybe 10, 15%? I didn’t to a statistical analysis but we all have some colleagues in work, in politics, among our friends or extended family that have other tastes.

I won’t try to claim authority over other people’s bedroom. We can barely figure out our own, why try to get involved in the affairs of others?

I do feel contempt for those who rub their quirkiness in our face, or who make a career or base their politics on it. They can do what they want in private assuming they are consenting adults, but I’m not required to accept it as a virtue.

I’m not required to accept the ridiculing of the institution of the family and the irrational demand that a child grow with two “mothers” or two “fathers”. A child with their eyes and ears wide open looks for parental role models in it’s journey through life, a child that most likely doesn’t share the sexual orientation of it’s adopted parents. And you know, young children get nightmares or sometimes secretly watch horror movies and wake up scared in the middle of the night, as my daughters did and come to sleep in their parents’ bed. Just think about that…

It’s not normal to have a family with two “fathers” or two “mothers”. They can live together, indeed they do, who’s to stop them? In the Arts, especially theatre, cinema and television there is racism, but in reverse. An incredible clique cross-promotes each other and is over-represented, or haven’t you noticed? More power to them if they can get away with it. They have successful careers and enjoy many honors and wealth.

We all read excellent books, watch movies or plays, admire painting, sculpture or listen to music that is the work of homosexuals. The majority doesn’t reject the work of this existent minority just because the creator is a “queer”.

But why should the minority impose their shackles on the majority via the law? You weren’t born a woman and we’re forced to create laws that allow you to dress up as a bride and become a mother? Because when you were a kid you used to play house and you played the role of mom – mom with the dolls. Or because you weren’t born a man but you’d like to live as one, must the State create a law to fulfill your dream? No.

That isn’t “discrimination”. It’s just a rejection of the fascist imposition of the insane.

The whole thing is a non-issue. In the modern era, the overwhelming majority, even in small balkan Greece with so many problems, the lives of homosexuals is nothing like it used to be. When they have talents and abilities, they do just fine in the workplace, in science, the arts, in politics. And when they’re just regular working people, they still live how they want and with who they want. And if they feel guilty the State will not resolve this by law.

The ridiculing of the institution of the family, of fatherhood and motherhood is not a democratic conquest. It’s not progress to endanger the healthy psychosomatic development of an innocent adopted child. It is simply a dangerous foolishness for the “resolution” of a non-existent problem, which will create other, more serious, problems.

So paint yourselves pink or fuschia, go out with party horns and wings, together with “closeted” queers who look for an opportunity, supposedly for support. Make all the noise you want, but the “problem” is still a “politically correct” claptrap. As usual, it will be a stage for the leftist has-beens and the bankrupt “intellectuals” from Exarcheia and Kolonaki.

On Monday, when you remove the paint and you take off the sequins, and after you’ve sung your chants over your supposed frustrations, to those who who criticize all of this silly stagecraft, you’ll continue to live just fine, in a society that doesn’t have a lack of liberty, but an excess of unaccountability…

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