Is Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei reading Dan Dare?

γραφικό με τον Dan Dare και το λογότυπο της Συνωμοσίας Πηρύνων της Φωτιάς | Dan Dare graphic with logo of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei logo

This is a translation of a post I originally published in Greek on December 31, 2013.

On July 12 2013, the Hellenic Police announced that -among other items- they had confiscated “books with anarchist content” (press release in Greek) during a raid for the arrest of two people suspected to be members of the “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei (SPF)” group.

However, maybe the authorities should be on the lookout for a different type of literature in their investigations.

According to published manifestos that have been attributed to the group, “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei (SPF)” have conducted operations with two different names in 2013. First, there was the “Phoenix Project” (Σχέδιο “Φοίνικας” in Greek), followed a few weeks ago by the “Green Nemesis Project” (Σχέδιο “Πράσινη Νέμεσις” in Greek).

I’m not in a position to know if this is simply a coincidence, but very close variants of the above names have been used elsewhere in the past. Specifically, in the British science fiction comic book series Dan Dare. Below are the group’s published posters with the two above project names as well as Dan Dare artwork with the “Phoenix Mission” and “Green Nemesis” storylines:


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