“Kiss-in” protest by same sex couples held during religious ceremony in Greece

picture of "kiss in" protest on January 6 in Piraeus, Greece

Source: news247.gr

Per today’s English language edition of Greek newspaper Kathimerini:

Epiphany, a public holiday in Greece, was marked by a traditional religious ceremony at Piraeus, where gay couples protested against the port city’s ultra-conservative bishop, Seraphim.

Accoridng to Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, several gay couples kissed as Seraphim conducted the blessing of the waters, throwing a crucifix into the sea. They also handed out leaflets reading: “Love is not a sin”.

Seraphim is known for his homophobic and anti-Semetic statements. He recently opposed plans to extend legislation allowing unmarried couples to have their partnership legally recognized to same-sex couples.

He said that any other relationship, barring that between a male and a female, “is a unnatural aberration not even observed in animals.”

Protesters have set up the twitter hashtag #PoustiRiot, a play on the name of Russian group “Pussy Riot” and the Greek slur for gay people “Pousti”. Links to some of Bishop Serapheim’s incendiary comments can also be found in both Greek and English at http://poustiriot.blogspot.com.