24,495 unusual names from the Social Security Death Master File

Photo via Wikipedia.

Below are the full lists of unusual names from my recent article for mental_floss. To keep the article at a digestible length, only a small portion of the names were used. However, some readers may wish to dig deeper.

1,560 identical first and last names

4,344 names where the last name starts with the first name

2,201 names where the last name ends with the first name

16,308 names where the last name rhymes with the first name

46 people with a last name 16 characters or longer

20 odd first and last name combinations

16 unfortunate last name and first initial combinations

Source: My data source is the Social Security Death Master File, courtesy of SSDMF.INFO. The list is widely used as a death verification tool, but a fraction of a percent of the individuals are added erroneously while still alive. 80% of these are people who were born 1930 or earlier.