Infant mortality and stillbirths in Greece 1932-2012

Map of Greece with a box grid superimposed in a spherical shape

Two of the most often cited health statistics about the period of the Greek economic crisis are below:

  • Infant mortality rate increased by 43.1% from 2008 (2.65) – 2010 (3.80)
  • Rate of stillbirth increased by 22.2% from 2008 (3.31) – 2011 (4.05)

Since it appears that there is a bit of confusion as to where these numbers originate, I looked into it. The primary source is the Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT.) and the figures are accurate. Below is a chart with all of the available data from EL.STAT. on the infant mortality and stillbirth rates in Greece and includes data from 1932 to 2012.

Good news: the infant mortality rate has gone down for the past two years and was 2.92 in 2012, making it the second lowest in recorded history (2008 being the lowest).

Bad news: the 2012 stillbirth rate of 4.44 is 34.1% higher than it was in 2008 (its lowest recorded point), indicating that the reversal of the preceding decades long decline in the stillbirth rate is not yet over.

Many thanks to Dr. Kentikelenis for pointing me in the right direction. Continue reading