My March 2014 interview with Graham Phillips

In early March, I had the pleasure of interviewing journalist Graham Phillips about the situation in Ukraine. I translated a portion of the interview for publication at VICE Greece at the time. In the months since then, he’s continued to report from Ukraine, and recently made a move from RT to the Russian РЕН ТВ channel.

The original reason I reached out to Graham was because he was the photographer of a widely circulated picture of Svoboda leader Oleg Tyagnibok doing what appeared to be a Nazi salute. However, he took the time to answer broader questions about Svoboda, Stepan Bandera, and Euromaidan among other things. I always thought it would be a shame to keep the March interview in English to myself, so I’m publishing it here in full. Continue reading

Violent AFP photo reveals all that is wrong with Facebook’s nudity policy

AFP posted the below image earlier today on their Facebook page. It shows a topless FEMEN activist in Crimea in visible pain and anguish while she is being strangled by an unidentified man while another man watches smiling. However, there is a white box where AFP digitally removed her nipple from the image along with a note in the caption that says “(photo censored as per Facebook rules)”.

Apparently, Facebook’s “Community Standards” allow for images of unarmed women being brutally assaulted as long their nipples aren’t showing.

Photo showing a man strangling a Femen activist around the throat in front of Crimea's parliament during a pro-Russian rally today. The woman's nipple is missing from the picture  AFP Photo: Alexander Nemenov (photo censored as per Facebook rules)

Source: AFP Facebook page /Alexander Nemenov

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